“Tokyo-Sapporo-Collaboration Sustainability Fam Trip” was held.

Date: October 18th ~ 20th, 2022 (3 days)


Under the concept of the SDGs, which DMO Shiba Tokyo Bay is now working on, we conducted a familiarization trip assuming that our guests/customers visit Sapporo after holding their business meeting(s) in Tokyo.

The Shiba Tokyo Bay Area has the strengths of coexistence of nature and the city with easy access to the Haneda Airport. Sapporo possesses a great number of rich and distinctive contents that take advantage of its vast land, nature, and climate. By collaborating with Sapporo, we would like to solve the problems faced by each area and create attractive contents that further utilize each other’s strong points, which will lead to MICE promotion.

Three experts participated this time and gave their valuable opinions on the creation of service content.



・Tokyo Culture tour

・Guided Haneda Airport cruise in Tokyo Bay

・Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium (Sapporo)

・HANANINGEN@ Sapporo Park Hotel

・Accommodation: Sapporo Park Hotel


・Basil picking

・Park in Park (executive floor) visit

・Visit to Hoheikan and Nakajima Park

・Occi Gabi Winery tour

・Lupicia Niseko Tea Garden

・Kazenotani Camp Site experience

・Accommodation: Setsu Niseko


・Agriscape farm experience

・Visit to Moerenuma Park

・Visit to F Village