The following is the introduction of the various activities that are available in this area.

We offer a variety of activities utilizing the distinctive features of this area, which has accumulated complex cultural development through its history.
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Invisible World Experience Tour

Location: Dialogue Diversity Museum Taiwa no mori

This is a dialogue-in-the-dark tour, in which you can explore a completely dark space, visit various scenes, and enjoy dialogues with the attendance of a visually impaired person who does not normally use his or her sight. Through this experience, you can become aware of the possibilities of senses other than sight, the meaning of diversity, the importance of communication, the warmth of people, and many other things. The program is also ideal for building relationships with participants you have never met before, as you will be away from your titles in the dark.
Dialogue Museum is the only place in the world to provide this unique experience, and it could attract the participants and guests of your business event held in the Takeshiba area.

Dialogue in the Dark

The Dialogue in the Dark was born in 1988 as the brainchild of German philosopher Andreas Heinecke and has been held in more than 50 countries around the world with over 9 million people who have experienced the program. Dialogue Museum in Japan is the third facility of its kind, and the only one in the world where visitors can experience a program unique to Japan. Dialogue Museum also hosts Dialogue in Silence, the program that allows people to enjoy dialogues in a world of total silence, transcending language barriers.

Waterfront Tour

Location: Takeshiba Pier (in front of WATERS Takeshiba)

The Takeshiba area, once a blessed sea where Edomae seafood was abundantly caught, was turned into land by the reclamation of Tokyo Bay in the Showa era, supporting the lives of the people of Tokyo as a logistics hub. In this tour, by touring the ever-changing waterfront of Tokyo from the waterside, you can experience Tokyo's food culture, the transition of industrial structure, the city and waterfront area, and the state of the ocean .
(Credits: Professor Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Takeshiba Wharf

The newly constructed Takeshiba Wharf in front of WATERS Takeshiba began a regular water bus service in June 2020 in anticipation of its use by tourists and local residents. This has contributed to the convenience and charm of the area by improving accessibility and circulation.

Waterfront Environment Restoration Experience Tour

Location: Takeshiba Tidal Flat (WATERS takeshiba)

Based on the vision of restoring and preserving the rich waterside environment for the wide diversity of creatures once inhabited in Tokyo Bay, Takeshiba Tidal Flat was developed in WATERS takeshiba along with Takeshiba Wharf. While interacting with waterfront creatures, visitors can learn about the process of creating tidal flats, the role of tidal flats, environmental issues, etc., and experience nature coming back to the city of Tokyo.
(Credits: Keita Furukawa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NPO Association for Shore Environment Creation and Visiting Professor at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Other Contents

Japan Classical Performing Arts, Noh Experiences

You can experience the mysterious charm of Noh, which is also known as Japan-style opera, while interweaving commentary.

Karate Lesson Experience

Incense-smelling Art

Hustle Ninja ~Ninja Sports Entertainment~

Cultural, artistic and sports entertainment with the theme of "NINJA". Besides watching their performances, you can experience monster boxes and karate in the stage program.

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