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Protection of personal information
This website respects the personal information you provide and is committed to protecting your privacy. Please see the Privacy policy for more information.
Privacy policy
This Association recognizes the importance of personal information belonging to customers and clients, and strives to appropriately handle and protect personal information based on This Association's Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information.
  1. This Association will utilize personal information for purposes such as fulfilling contracts, conducting business activities including provision of information, guidance, services, etc., and carrying out marketing activities including the creation of statistical information and research analysis on client trend analysis, product development, etc. that fall within the scope of the business aims noted below.
    • (1) Sending emails and materials in response to questions, to provide business information, and carry out contact from This Association
    • (2) Sending seasonal greetings, information, and invitations to functions that This Association is hosting, co-hosting, aiding, supporting, or cooperating with
    • (3) When the handling of personal information in part or its entirety has been entrusted by another business, etc., carrying out appropriate execution of said entrusted business
    • (4) Sending direct mail or delivering e-mail newsletters associated with This Association's business
    • (5) Carrying out marketing research in association with This Association's business
    • (6) Implementing other tasks in accordance with This Association's business
  2. This Association may provide or share private information with a 3rd party, such as a party associated with This Association, within the scope necessary to achieve the aims noted above in 1. In that event, required information such as name, affiliated group/division/position, address, phone number, FAX number, email address, etc. will be provided or shared through means such as verbal communication, electronic data, or printed matter such as mailing labels, or a list, etc. The provision or sharing of private information to a 3rd party will be halted at the request of the customer.
  3. For information other than the aims stated above in 1., contact us using Contact Us Form below for inquiries concerning the handling of personal information and details on the content noted in each previous item. Inquiries will be answered after confirming the identity of the individual making the inquiry. (However, in certain cases, requests cannot be answered.)
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