The International Congress of Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists in 2025 (PRCP 2025) will be held in Tokyo!

We are pleased to announce that PRCP 2025 is planned to be held in the Hamamatsucho and Takeshiba areas. Our inviting activities for attracting the conference, which had been carried out in cooperation with Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, have borne fruit.

As the environment surrounding the attraction and holding of international conferences has been changing rapidly due to the pandemic of COVID infection, DMO SHIBA, Tokyo Bay together with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, will continue to support the organizers of the events safely and securely to establish its presence as a host city for international conferences.

We, DMO SHIBA, Tokyo Bay, will continue to support and lead PRCP 2025 to be a great success.

〇Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau press release

< Outline (tentative)>

Period: Autumn in 2025 (4 days) (tentative)

Venue: Hamamatsucho, Takeshiba area (tentative)

Participants: Approx. 700 (including approx. 400 from overseas)

Organizer: Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists *

* The headquarter of the international organization is located in Tokyo.

※ An international conference where psychiatrists from the Pacific Rim region gather to present the latest research and exchange their opinions. This is the fourth time such a gathering held in Japan, following the 3rd in Tokyo in 1986, the 7th in Fukuoka in 1995, and the 13th in Tokyo in 2008.