Meet Hideto Tanizawa at “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI”, which conveys the food culture of Edo.

In the Japanese garden at the foot of Tokyo Tower, stands gracefully traditional Japanese architecture. At “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI,” one can forget everyday life and indulge in a kaiseki meal featuring homemade tofu. The manager, Hideto Tanizawa, visits each room and engages with guests. He says, “The essence of hospitality is providing authentic surroundings, cuisine, and warm welcome.”

Commitment of “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI

What kind of shop is “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI”?

UKAI CO., LTD., which operates 23 restaurants, art museums, and pastry shops domestically and internationally, opened “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI” 20 years ago as the third establishment of its Tofuya brand. The restaurant was constructed at the foot of Tokyo Tower on 2,000 square meters of vast land from scratch. It features a sukiya-style, Japanese warehouse building, embodying the essence of Japanese architecture. About 1,000 trees were planted in the garden, some of which are over 100 years old, with seasonal varieties like cherry blossoms in spring, crepe flowers in summer, and camellias and plums in winter, ensuring year-round beauty with daily care.
We spare no effort in providing authentic cuisine. Despite the current shortage of chefs, each dish is carefully made and crafted. Our homemade tofu, produced at our in-house factory in Hachioji, is made with carefully selected water and domestic soybeans. Foreign visitors are often astonished by the sweet and rich flavor of our tofu, which can be the main dish in our meals. “Tosui-tofu,” which is smooth tofu in a blend of soy milk and special broth, is served by our staff at your table, ensuring that both your heart and the dish remain warm.
All of these are based on UKAI’s fundamental philosophy, which states, “Profit lies in the people’s joy.” We inherit the founder’s passion for delighting our customers.

Mindset as Manager

How did you become the manager of “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI”?

I spent about 12 years working at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. I met the founder of UKAI then, and through that connection, I had the opportunity to work at this restaurant in its third year of operation. Subsequently, I gained experience as a manager of UKAI’s affiliated shops during their launches. In 2021, I returned to this restaurant.
This shop, often referred to as the “10,000-kilometer trade area,” has been bustling since its opening in 2005, serving as a gathering place for customers from around the world. The significant change occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. We faced a considerable blow to our revenue with a decrease in entertainment, group bookings, and international customers. What I prioritized during this time was the connection with the local community. Just as micro-tourism began gaining attention, I actively participated in local community gatherings, aiming to strengthen ties with the residents of Minato Ward, where our restaurant is located. We collaborated with other businesses and organizations in our Ward, such as TOKYO TOWER and Zojoji, to plan events where people could enjoy UKAI’s tofu while exploring the local area. As we continued to deepen these connections, we rediscovered the charm of the diverse individuals in our community, making it a profoundly meaningful time for us. Amidst these efforts, as the pandemic began to subside and our initiatives to strengthen bonds within the local community bore fruit, our business experienced a V-shaped recovery.

The Spirit of Hospitality

Please share how to enjoy the experience at “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI.”

From welcoming to seeing you off, the same staff will be in charge, showing the restaurant while escorting you to the room. The pillars and beams, transplanted from a 200-year-old sake brewery in Yamagata Prefecture and a wealthy farmer’s residence in Niigata Prefecture, are worth seeing. The garden has varying elevations, and the scenery changes depending on where you stand. With time, expressions change, and it’s said that there are over 300 photo spots throughout the establishment.
Additionally, the chef grilling deep-fried tofu over charcoal at the gazebo “Dengaku-dokoro” in the center of the garden can be observed from your guest rooms. The freshly grilled ones will be delivered to your table by our staff. During MICE events, demonstrations such as making “O-Oke-yose Tofu,” where tofu is made by coagulating soy milk with nigari in front of the guests can be accommodated.
The surroundings, cuisine, and warmth of people. I would be delighted if you could fully enjoy the extraordinary experience with true hospitality and escape the busyness of daily life.

Message to MICE organizers

【From Hideto Tanizawa to MICE organizers】

The founder of “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI” chose this area wishing to be a hub for disseminating Japanese culture. Embracing Zojoji, the Tokugawa family’s temple, the area symbolizes Tokyo as a unique fusion of urban and natural elements. When you come here for MICE events, I hope you can savor our homemade tofu while listening to the head chef and immerse yourself in the food culture of Edo.


【Hideto Tanizawa】

Hideto Tanizawa, Manager of Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI
After 12 years working at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, joined “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI” in 2007. He had served as the manager at “Ginza kappou ukai Nikusho” since 2014, “Roppongi kappou ukai” since 2017, and returned to be the manager of “Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI” in 2021.
A certified sake taster.


【Tokyo Shiba Tofuya UKAI】

4-4-13 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours:
Tue. ~ Fri. 11:45~14:30、17:00~19:00(Closed at 22:00)
Tue. ~ Fri. 11:45~14:30、17:00~19:00(Closed at 22:00)