• Conference Room

  • 21〜209㎡

  • 12-162 persons

AP Hamamatsucho

High-speed optical network line of mind: 1Gbps [downlink] / 500Mbps [uplink], There is a best effort dedicated line. The room has a ceiling height of 2.7m and is based on clean white. On parking Eight large buses can be parked in tandem. It is in a good location in the center of the Shinagawa business line in Tokyo, and there are many hotels nearby, making it ideal for lodging-type events.


Audio equipment Wireless microphone (hand / pin), wired microphone, portable microphone set, stereo speaker (2 units / set), ceiling speaker
Video equipment LCD projector (3LCD system), screen (ceiling hanging, mobile), CD player, multi-screen screening, switching equipment, etc.
Ancillary equipment Tables, chairs, podiums, moderators, portable stages, whiteboards, partitions, high chairs, high tables, round tables, sign stands, belt partitions, coat racks, umbrella stands
Carrying in/out There is a cargo handling area: Usage fee (250 yen / 30 minutes), vehicle size restrictions (vehicle height 3.2 m or less / vehicle length 7.0 m or less / vehicle width 3.0 m or less), trolley usage restrictions
Other Parking lot, WEB plan available


Room Name Area Height of Ceiling Capacity
School Theater Buffet
A 209㎡ 2.7m 132 162 approve (Consultation required)
B+C 216㎡ 2.7m 150 180 approve (Consultation required)
D+E+F 426㎡ 2.7m 270 324 approve (Consultation required)
N+O 212㎡ 2.7m 150 180 approve (Consultation required)
G 60㎡ 2.7m 42 54 approve (Consultation required)
H 71
2.7m 42 54 approve (Consultation required)
I~M 21〜23㎡ 2.7m 12〜16 12〜16 -


2-4-1 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shiba Park Building B Building B1F
About a 7-minute walk from the north exit of Hamamatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line
About a 3-minute walk from Exit A6 of Daimon Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line and Asakusa Line
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