• Theater

  • 500-1500 seats

JR-EAST Shiki Theatre [HARU][AKI] ,JIYU Theatre

Three theaters of the Shiki Theatre Company, “JR EAST Shiki Theatre [HARU] [AKI]” and “JIYU Theatre” gather in WATERS takeshiba, a town where various activities aiming for “a rich life” are provided. It is a base for disseminating Japanese theater culture that will create innovation in art and culture in a new era. Through various works, we send the message, “life is wonderful and worth living,” which we have shared with audience since the foundation of Shiki.


JR-EAST Shiki Theatre HARU 1,500 seats
JR-EAST Shiki Theatre AKI 1,200 seats
JUYU Theatre 500 seats

nformation on preventative measures against Covid-19 : https://www.shiki.jp/navi/info/renewinfo/033135.html


1-10-45 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0022
6-min. walk from Hamamatsucho sta., north exit (JR)
7-min. walk from Daimon sta., B1 exit (Toei Asakusa/Oedo Line)
3-min. walk from Takeshiba sta. (Yurikamome)
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