Meet Tadahito Hara at “SHAKOBA”, which has a Showa feel.

Tadahito Hara is manager of “SHAKOBA”. Mr. Hara has appeared in many media under the name of “Hamkatsu Taro”. He modestly says, “Hamkatsu (ham cutlet) is good as long as it tastes good to me.” The casual ease and depth of living as one pleases, savoring flavors as one desires, attract people to where Mr. Hara is. Carefree and delightful individuals with a Showa-era spirit gather around him.

Encounter with “SHAKOBA”

How did you become manager of “SHAKOBA”?

During my previous career as a company employee, I was attracted to pubs, cafeterias, and coffee shops with some Showa atmosphere, where I often drank alone. One day, an acquaintance invited me to start a monthly activity called “Minatomirai Showa Culture Research Society” at a community space in Yokohama. I had a relaxing time making ham cutlets on the spot and enjoying some drinks. Naturally, hardly anyone showed up at first, but eventually, participants who found it enjoyable began inviting their acquaintances, and the number of people increased. Despite being initially shy and disinterested in communities, as I witnessed strangers becoming friends while making ham cutlets together, I came to think, “These moments are wonderful.”
At the age of 55, I quit my job without deciding on my next steps. Just then, I was scouted to become manager of a new community space called “SHAKOBA”, a Reiwa version of a social gathering place, in Takeshiba.

Devotion to Ham Cutlets

As you go by the name of “Hamkatsu Taro”, please tell us if you have any particularities to ham cutlets.

Nothing special. All you have to do is cut the ham and fry it. There are no roots or strict definitions for ham cutlets. It is said that the current Itoham Foods Inc. made pressed ham in Showa 22 (in 1947) and turned it into a cutlet for the first time, but it’s not certain. During my student days, I used to buy ham cutlets at a butcher shop on my way home to fill my stomach. It’s such a casual food. As long as it tastes good to me, that’s all that matters.
Through various connections, I started hosting ham cutlet events in many places, and as a result, I began to take notice of ham cutlets wherever I went.
So far, I’ve walked into more than 800 shops and restaurants trying ham cutlets. You can find them everywhere, in pubs, bakeries, and at deli corners of supermarkets and convenience stores. Occasionally, I come across ham cutlets that perfectly match my taste. Japan is a country where you can enjoy ham cutlets wherever you go.

Social Hub of Reiwa Era

What kind of place is “SHAKOBA”?

It is a rental space with various faces. It can be used for meetings, hosting private discos, or simply dropping by for a casual drink, offering a diverse range of possibilities depending on your needs. It can provide meaningful experiences for those involved in MICE in this area. While it can be used in business scenes such as training and meetings, you can also enjoy after-MICE time unique to Takeshiba. One of the popular public events is the “SHAKOBA OPEN STAGE”. Participants have a dazzling stage at their disposal for a free 15-minute performance, where everyone can express themselves to the fullest. Those performances are always a great source of excitement each time. While feeling the vibrant energy on your back, enjoying a highball alone in the stands is also a delightful experience.
During the bubble period of the Showa era, young people flocked to discos in the Bay Area. “SHAKOBA” evokes the mood of that passionate era, but it seems more liberating, with casualness and creativity coexisting. Just as my life’s joy doubled when I unexpectedly encountered ham cutlets, I hope that “SHAKOBA” can be a stage where each person’s happiness can be explored and multiplied.

Message to MICE organizers

From Mr. Tadahito Hara to MICE organizers

I always appreciate that Tokyo has such a nice place as this. Large modern towering structures shine on the spacious waterfront, while at your feet are historic gardens and temples. “SHAKOBA” is located at the nexus of Tokyo’s diverse facets, becoming a place where you can encounter joy that transcends eras. Holding MICE events in this area is sure to create memorable moments. I believe we can also enjoy exploring pubs and bars that serve exquisite ham cutlets together.


【Tadahito Hara】

Manager of “SHAKOBA” atré Takeshiba
After graduating from university, while working for an apparel company, he was involved in community management as the head of the BUKATSUDO Minatomirai Showa Culture Research Society. Through events, he became captivated by the charm of ham cutlets. In July 2018, he appeared as Hamkatsu Taro on TBS’s “Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai” (Matsuko’s Unknown World). Since then, he has made appearances on numerous media platforms. At the end of 2019, he retired from the company he worked for 32 years and assumed the role of manager of “SHAKOBA”, which opened in atré Takeshiba as a “social gathering place” in the Reiwa era.


1-10-45 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Theater Building 1st floor in atré Takeshiba, WATERS takeshiba)

Opening hours:
Mon. ~ Sat. 11:00 ~ 22:00
Sun. 11:00 ~ 21:00